Language Classes in McLean, VA

Foreign language skills are a vital asset in today’s increasingly globalized economy. Having employees who can effectively communicate in multiple languages can help you build strong relationships in foreign markets. The ability to effectively communicate in a potential client’s native language ensures that they successfully receive your message and creates a sense of trust between you and them. If you are looking to expand your business into international markets, consider enrolling your employees in professional language classes in McLean, Virginia.

Critical Language Center (CLC) is a language training institution located in the Washington, D.C. area. Our goal is to provide effective language training to individuals or groups who wish to learn about languages and cultures in order to build relationships and gain financial success.  At CLC, we pride ourselves on our extensive qualifications, experienced instructors, and our rich, diverse student backgrounds. Led by a husband and wife team with 27 and 35 years of respective experience, our talented instructors are prepared to boost not just your language proficiency, but your overall productivity, as well.

Learn Languages to Gain New Business Opportunities

Businesses whose employees gain a mastery of a foreign language have a distinct competitive advantage over businesses that don’t in foreign markets. From marketing to customer support, the ability to communicate effectively presents a plethora of business opportunities in terms of increasing sales and improving customer retention. In addition, going above and beyond to learn languages and communicate in an associate’s native tongue is a universal sign of respect. Whether you’re on a conference call or greeting business partners, the efforts are sure to be appreciated and help your company to be viewed favorably.

Saturday Language Classes Available for Children and Adults

At our learning facility, the purpose of our programs is to introduce the new language as if it were the students’ native language. In order to best serve our students’ needs, we’re proud to offer special Saturday language classes for both children and adults. We tailor all of our language training to the needs of our students as individuals. All of our instructors are native speakers and have a great deal of experience teaching students both young and old. It’s our obligation as a facilitator to ensure that each of our students has a fun, fulfilling experience honing their communication skills whether for personal or professional gain.


Contact our language center to learn more about the various language programs we offer. We proudly serve business professionals and casual learners in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.