Culture Classes in McLean, Viginia

Full length portrait of successful business team standing in an office. Multiracial business professional posing for camera.Language training goes hand in hand with cultural education. Top corporate language training programs help prepare workers for success by educating the workforce about cultural norms and social etiquette. Critical Language Center educates learners in both language and culture to ensure that they get the most out of their relationships and interactions with foreign interlocutors. With this in mind, we encourage learners to enroll in our culture classes in McLean, Virginia, to heighten their development. Remember, we can also take the training to you.

Be it Spanish, Greek, or Mandarin, taking a language class to conduct business in a critical language for your line of work can create an abundance of workplace opportunities. In addition, to learn a language and gain proficiency in it can greatly help you and your employees communicate your message to your desired clients. Whether for personal or professional benefit, our language training institution is proud to offer a number of courses at various difficulty levels. No matter what your language of choice is, the following beginning, intermediate, and advanced courses are available to students of every age, vocation, and skill level:

  • One-Week Introductory Course
  • Two-Week Survival Course
  • Three-Week Reading Course
  • Five-Week Intensive Survival Course
  • Eight-Week Intensive Familiarization Course
  • Twelve-Week Basic Course
  • Twenty-Four-Week Intensive Course
  • Forty-Four Week Fluency Building Course
  • Body Language & Outward Expression
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Translation
  • Sight Translation
  • Audio Translation
  • Translation Methodology
  • Conversion (Standard < > Dialect)
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking (Dialects & Standard)
  • Media Language
  • Idiomatic Language
  • Religious Language
  • Language Immersions

Our dedicated instructors and staff understand the invaluable benefits of language training. Whether you wish to keep your business internationally competitive or you just wish to broaden your skill set, we’re prepared to tailor our language training services to your unique needs.


Contact our language training center for more information about our education courses. We proudly serve business professionals and casual learners in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.