Heritage Speakers in McLean, Virginia

Portrait of confident businesswoman sitting at a business presentation with colleagues in boardroom. African woman with coworkers in conference room.At Critical Learning Center, our knowledgeable team of instructors aid professional and personal growth helping business groups and individuals sharpen their language skills. Language training isn’t just beneficial to your organization. It also benefits the individual, giving them a greater sense of achievement. Improving one’s language skills, even if it’s the individual’s childhood language, enables the learner to develop stronger communication skills. In addition, it allows the individual to develop both personally and professionally.

Learning a second language offers numerous professional benefits that can make your business a stronger competitor in the target market. However, one the most overlooked benefits are that second language learners often develop a stronger grasp of their native language and its grammatical structure. With this in mind, our learning center proudly offers programs for heritage speakers in McLean, Virginia, to help students fine tune their childhood language skills for use in the workplace.

Learn Dialects and Gain a Working Knowledge of Language

apple and book on a background bookshelfLanguage is a living, breathing form of communication that continues to evolve over time. To be proficient in any given language, it takes more than just knowing how to read and write. It also requires a working knowledge of various dialects and the inflections given in various social settings. In any language, there is a medley of universally accepted words and phrases that hold meaning. However, there are also sub-divisions of language held by people in a particular region or social group that share specific idioms and jargon called dialects. These can be used commonly in both formal and informal settings.

Our language programs offer a comprehensive coverage of the chosen language, allowing you to learn dialects, body gestures and mannerisms, and increase your cultural awareness. This allows our students to have the most holistic learning experiences possible, understand what is and is not appropriate, and to communicate effectively using the target language.

Language Training Tailored to Your Needs

smiling young woman standing and holding a note book in front of book shelves in the library looking in front of her front view a concept of studyingAt our learning facility, we strive to provide our students with the most immersive learning experiences possible. That means not just being able to speak the target language, but to read, write, and understand it as well. As a result, our programs include transliteration training, which allows students to accurately transliterate foreign names and utterances in the target language. Our instructors make a concerted effort to tailor your education to your vocational needs. Whether you are learning domain-specific terminology or learning about a country before you vacation there, we consider it our duty to ensure that you’re prepared for the future.


Contact our specialists for personalized language training. We proudly serve business professionals and casual learners in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Maryland.