Foreign Language Lessons

With the flexibility of choosing the day/time that suits your busy schedule, in person one-on-one or group classes are available at our center. Our interactive classes provide students with the opportunity to understand the theory and then apply concepts learned through practical assignments. The immediate feedback provided in-person allows for quick, efficient learning, and creates a more engaging dialogue between the instructor and student.

We understand that it isn’t always possible to meet in person, therefore we offer virtual lessons that provide the same level of quality to our students in order to ensure they are meeting their language goals. With the amount of commute time saved, and the flexibility of scheduling lessons anytime, anywhere, there’s a reason why we’ve seen an increase in the number of virtual classes scheduled. 

Foreign Language Classes :

  • Delivered to you wherever you are
  • Once or several times a week
  • Sessions are 1 to 5 hours available in more than 60 languages.
  • Our online classes give you the opportunity to learn the language no matter where you are
  • Our teachers interact with the students in a clear digital audio/video connection
  • Convenient classes from your home or office anytime of the day or night

To learn more about our classes, please contact us today.