International Students/ESL

Learning a language is about more than just taking classes, it is about engaging with other people, with another culture, and of course, with the world.  Learn English and be ready to communicate with over 375 million people who speak English worldwide.  Critical Language Center’s classes will prepare you whether you need the language for business, vacation, or to communicate with your neighbors and your children’s school.

Online Classes

Delivered to you wherever you are once or several times a week. Sessions are 1 to 5 hours available in more than 60 languages.

▪ Our online classes give you the opportunity to learn the language no matter where you are

▪ Our teachers interact with the students in a clear digital audio/video connection

▪ Convenient classes from your home or office anytime of the day or night

In-Person Classes

One-on-One classes are the ultimate way for making maximum progress during the length of the course. This is an intensive learning environment that is 100% focused on the student’s English language needs, and designed by the instructors to meet each student’s specific needs and goals.

▪ Classes can meet between 1-5 times a week

▪ Each session is at least 2 hours

▪ Classes can be held at the center or at a mutually convenient location to both the teacher and the student