GSA Contract Holder

Critical Language Center is proud to be a GSA contract holder company, being which, opened up new arenas of opportunities for us to provide our competent services to the federal and state agencies for assistance in different purposes. We have made our services available to a multitude of different government agencies, of federal, state and local significance, by virtue of being a GSA contract holder company, which has made it possible for us to present our professional language training services for the assistance of our clients.

Our record of having served the client market, professionally and in a highly satisfactory manner, is testimony to the quality and the pride we take in our services. Being a GSA contract holder company, we provide our language training services to an ever widening customer market for our private and government sector clients. The CLC is listed under contract number 47QRAA19D008J at or

Contract Summary Document


Duns Number: 831567297

Contract Number: 47QRAA19D008J


CLC has been providing language training services since 2007.