Translation and Interpretation

CLC offers services for business and personal matters by matching the language request with a skilled translator or interpreter who in most cases is a certified native speaker.

We offer the following types of timely and accurate translation services:

  • Full
  • Partial  
  • Summary 
  • Gist

We take a holistic approach to translation by converting each line of a document from one language to another, accounting for proper syntax and grammar, and avoiding literal word-by-word translations. We consider the material provided in its entirety to guarantee that your translation goals are met by setting high standards for precision, contextual awareness, and document fluidity.

For interpretation, we offer onsite, over the phone, and virtual services for the following modes:

  • Sight
  • Consecutive 
  • Simultaneous 

Our interpretation professionals do more than just transport words or sentences from one language to another, they also convey feelings, emotions and thoughts. In doing so, they engage the processes of communication and decision-making. This involves reproducing in the receptor language the closest natural equivalent of the source-language message in terms of meaning and style.